Hartley Farms


The current operator's Grand/Great Grandparents Gilbert A. and Avis Dickerson Clark originally established Hartley Farms in 1938. They continued to run the day to day operations of the farm until 1974 when grandson Gilbert L. Hartley returned from the Vietnam War to take over the farm and establish the current name of Hartley Farms.  Since 1974, Hartley Farms has been run as a part time cattle and horse producing operation.  At its peak, Hartley Farms was running 200 head of cattle, and 20-30 horses on owned and rented property. In 2004, Gilbert E. Hartley became the official managing partner of Hartley Farms. Today, our primary focus is on hay production for resale, and part time tractor and equipment service. We are currently in the process of building new fence and upgrading pasture with plans to bring cattle back to the farm in the near future.